Jusine Anna, a Waikato creative business that combines Justine's love of colour, painting, fashion and sewing. Fashion and accessory design. Hamilton, New Zealand

The Story

Justine Anna was launched to encourage a creative outlet that combines Justine's love of colour, painting, fashion and sewing. 

Each collection showcases colour and patterns, inspired by her life. From her home studio in Hamilton she paints her bold colours and patterns onto a canvas which is then hand cut, sewn and encased in a PVC protective sleeve, also hand sewn, to deliver you something that is truly unique. Each product cut from the same canvas is different as no brush stroke or paint splatter will be the same. Meaning no one else in the world will have one like yours.

A splash of colour for every occasion, inspired by her life, created just for yours.


Meet Justine Dixon, the owner of Justine Anna. A splash of colour for every occasion. Hamilton, New Zealand


Hello! I’m Justine Dixon, owner of Justine Anna.

Colour is such an important part of my world, I love how colour can evoke a feeling or sentiment. Whether happy, calm, or inspired, colour has the power to change how you see the world. Using paint as a medium I have been evoking feelings for the past 15 years. Starting in oils then moving to acrylics, I enjoy dreaming up the concept then letting it explode onto the canvas. 

Right from an early age I can remember my Mum (Margie) sewing clothes for my brother and I. By age 13 I had sewn my first suit jacket and ever since then I’ve never been far from a sewing machine. I find it therapeutic to be able to create a garment from start to finish, knowing that no one else will have one similar, and that it has been created with love.

Combining these creative talents together, it just made sense to showcase my art in a different way so Justine Anna was born.

From a lineage of strong artistic women, I am grateful for the knowledge, and hard work ethic that has been passed to me, allowing me to begin this new journey.

A splash of colour for every occasion...


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